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Windshield Replacement Tigard, Bonita is a service that can be life-changing. When your car’s windshield gets cracked or shattered, you need the experts at Windshield Replacement in Tigard County to make it safe for driving again and get you back on the road so fast!

Windshield repair requires professional work from qualified technicians who know what they’re doing when working with all kinds of different auto glass. And here at Windshield Replacement we always have such professionals ready to take care of our customers’ needs – no matter how big or small!

Hiring someone for your automotive glass repair needs? Look no further than Windshield Replacement Tigard, Bonita! We’re dedicated to taking care of all you and providing a service tailored specifically for each customer’s unique goals. From the moment we pick up, our expert listeners take into consideration every concern before making any decisions on services available so that everyone feels like they are at home from start-to-finish. It is not our job to push services onto anyone: it is our goal as trusted partners in this industry that quality service backed by honesty and integrity be given through high standards throughout repairs while keeping everything affordable with competitive prices too!

Tigard Windshield Repair is the best choice for your family’s windshield needs. They have the highest quality service in all of Portland and they’ll provide it with care so that you can get back to driving without anyone knowing!

Simply put, our customers come first. Here at Windshield Repair Tigard, Bonita your auto glass really is our passion.



Windshield Replacement Tigard, Bonita

Windshield Replacement Tigard is the leading auto glass repair services in Tigard

At Windshield Repair Tigard, Bonita our auto glass team is prepared to do whatever it takes in order for you and your family’s safety on the road. Call today to schedule an appointment so that we can give you all of the information necessary before they begin a window replacement or windshield fix!


The windshield of any of your cars may be replaced or repaired by Tigard Auto Glass Company. Our certified glass experts are trained and skilled in dealing with all types of car windshields, including commercial vehicles. So whatever your needs are, there’s a good chance we’ll be able to fulfil them with the aid of our Tigard auto glass professionals.

We provide quality windshield replacement services at an accessible price in Tigard, Oregon. We are well aware that vehicle owners must deal with a variety of vehicle maintenance difficulties. The majority of these issues are often linked to windshields. As a result, we place a focus on delivering cost-effective services so that you may have your windshields fixed or replaced without spending a lot of money.


Windshield Repair Tigard has been the best auto glass compnay in the area for over 10 years. Many people overlook the fact that chips and cracks in windshields jeopardize the vehicle’s overall safety. In addition, it can have a negative influence on your driving as a damaged windshield will reduce road visibility.

Furthermore, keep in mind that windshields are an essential aspect of the vehicle’s safety restraint system in current automobiles. The goal of such a system is to reduce damage in the event of a collision.

It would be best if you keep your cars in the best possible condition by having our expert windshield repair services in Tigard, Oregon. This will ensure structural integrity and limit damage in the event of a car accident.


Windshield Replacement Tigard has seen all types of damage to many different vechicles. You might be curious how your vehicle’s windows became damaged. Well, there might be a variety of reasons for this type of harm.

Damaged automobile windows can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

• When your car is parked outdoors and exposed to high winds and heavy storms, harsh weather conditions can harm the windshield and vehicle windows. 

• When your car is parked outdoors and exposed to high winds and heavy storms, harsh weather conditions can harm the windshield and vehicle windows. Small cracks may occur at first, but these damages will gradually grow into significant issues.


It is extremely risky to drive a vehicle with a damaged windshield or any other damaged car window. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that your car’s auto glasses are correctly installed and free of damage by Auto Glass Tigard so that you can see well through them.

Extreme weather, stones striking the glass, and car crashes are all significant causes of automobile window damage. Driving a car with cracked or damaged windows, on the other hand, is not recommended. Instead, it would be best if you had them repaired by using our Tigard vehicle window replacement services.

We offer these expert services since vehicle glass repair and replacement should only be handled by skilled and experienced professionals. In addition, in the event of a car accident, improperly fitted automobile windows might cause severe damage.

However, once you’ve contacted us, we’ll make sure the windows are correctly installed and clear of smudges, scratches, and other damage.

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Local Auto Glass Tigard

We are a local company that was started in Tigard, and continues to flourish. Unlike other large windshield repair companies with offices across the country, we know our people here! You’re your friends, family members or even just acquaintances; you live nearby so it’s important for us do good work because not only does it reflect well on us but also reflects well on this community as whole.

Affordable Windshield Repair Tigard

We are not the type of auto glass company that will come in and try to oversell you on your car’s window. If it can be salvaged, all we’ll do is fix it up for a low price – no need to replace anything! We offer quality service at an affordable price.

Friendly Car Window Repair Tigard

From the very beginning, we wanted to bring a level of service that would not only impress but also help us grow. We are family-run and started small with one couple working in their garage as they turned out record numbers every day. Our windshield repair contractors will go above and beyond if you need them too!

Trust Glass Company Tigard

We have built our auto glass repair business on word of mouth and we continue to do that. For us to make that work, we can’t just be the best – you need a guarantee! That’s why when you call for an appointment with us, not only will your window get fixed properly but it’ll also look clean again afterwards.

Professional Tigard Windshield Replacement

We’ve been doing this for a long time and we know every trick in the book. Not only that, but our company hires the best contractors so your project will be done right to start with- no need for any follow ups or second guessing! We want you to have peace of mind from day one because when it comes down to window replacement Tigard is where all other services go on vacation – call us today!

“Finding the right windshield replacement company is not always an easy task. As a customer, you want to know that your car or personal property will be taken care of in such a way as to ensure both safety and efficiency for all parties involved. Tigard Windshield Replacement Company has been doing just this since 1987 with their reputable services offered at competitive rates which are unmatched by any other competitor!”
Jane Loren
“Windshield Repair Tigard is the best of both worlds! The service was friendly and they were able to fix my car window within a couple hours. I am so glad that these guys came out right away, I would have been driving around with an ugly bag on my side-window until it got fixed otherwise. They did such high quality work in record time; now all friends are going straight to them when their windows break too.”
Dana Rosen
Bull Mountain
“Windshield Repair Tigard is the best in the industry. From high quality service, a quick response time to their exceptional customer care skills and dedication it’s no wonder that they’re number one. There isn’t another company I’d trust with my car than Windshield Repair Tigard”
Madelaine Taylor
Bradly Corner

Windshield Replacement Tigard

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